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Build your child's Personalized Reading Program in 15 minutes

Accurate Assessment

Skill Building Games & eBooks

Adaptive Program That Evolves with Skills

Motivating Rewards

Progress Tracking

Developed with support from:
National Institutes of Health, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the federal focal point for health and medical research.
Wake Forest School of Medicine, a leading research and teaching hospital, ranked among the best medical schools in the United States.
The Dyslexia Foundation, assisting children with dyslexia achieve higher levels of learning through specialized programs to promote better reading.

A Leader in the Science of Reading

Prestigeous Research Network

We collaborate with Teachers, researchers, and foundations around the U.S. to constantly improve our effectiveness.

Published Scientific Evidence

Since 2004, 7 studies have been published on the positive effects of using Sparkit Reading — across diverse populations, including various ethnicities, and academic abilities.

Proven Improvement

In study after study, students achieved significant gains of up to 400% on Reading Fluency, Vocabulary, Phonics, Fluency and comprehension.

Step-by-Step Personalized Learning Path

  • Pre-K to 6th Grade
  • Games & eBooks automatically adapt to your child's ability
  • Focus on Foundational Skills & Reading Comprehension

Over 300 Skill Matched Books

Over 150 Hours of Educational Gameplay

Additional Features

AccuRead™ Assessment

Shown by a U.S. Department of Education funded study to be more accurate than any assessment given in or out of school.

Progress Tracking

Watch your child improve with clear, easy to understand Reading Skills Reports that track skill levels over time.


Rewards can be tailored specifically to what motivates your child to ensure he or she is engaged in learning.

What Teachers & Parents Say

"An easy and fun program that parents and children can use [together]." — Eugenia H., Mother

"Sparkit Reading helped me to identify where exactly a child was stuggling in reading. When I notice a child is having a problem with reading, Sparkit helps me to efficiently identify the areas that need the most attention and act quickly to serve each student best."

— Tracy M., Teacher

"As former state director of Reading First and Literacy in Tennessee, I saw the results our schools were able to achieve with SkateKids and Ramps toReading. The programs were used in many Tennessee schools. The evidence of effectiveness has been documented by the American Psychological Association."

— Dr. James Herman, Director Reading First Tennesee

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